The .NET analyser is triggered by different conditions:

  1. a “packages.config” is found in the root folder

  2. a “packages” subfolder is found in the root folder

  3. a “.csproj” file is found in the root folder

In cases 1 and 2 the client will just collect the dependencies from the locations. In this case it's important that the information is up to date, otherwise, the client will collect stale data that will most probably lead to a wrong analysis.

In case 3 the client will trigger a “dotnet restore” and then collect the dependencies. Please note that, in this situation, the restore command has to succeed. It's important to be aware that in this situation multiple projects may be present under the same main root project folder, so you may need to instruct the client to run multiple times. This is not happening automatically because, at this time, there's no clear way to distinguish test subprojects (which are not shipped) from the non-test elements.

This analyser cannot work remotely