Npm/Yarn specific controls

This is a list of system flags that can be used to request specific NPM and YARN behaviours. Please refer to the parent section to learn how to specify them to the client.


During the scan of a NodeJS project, the client will usually look in all folders of the projects in order to detect any manifest file. if you want to avoid the client to look into specific subfolder you can use this flag. By default, the client won't look into folders named "lib", "examples", "samples" and of course "node_modules".


When false, directs the client to look only into the root folder and not in any subfolder for manifest files. By default the scanner will look also in subfolders.


This will allow to directly specify raw parameters that will be included in every npm command issued by the client.

This controls the usage of the "npm ls" command to obtain the list of dependencies and solely relies on the content of the package.lock. When set to false, you should make sure your lock files are present and up to date.


When false the client is instructed to avoid processing the current project folder as the top level folder for either pnpm workspaces, yarn workspaces or npm workspaces.

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