Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM)

Generating various Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) and bibles

Meterian is able to generate different SBOMs in various formats.

The available formats are:

  • License Bible, available in JSON or PDF formats, contains:

    • the full list of components with their licenses and copyrights statements

    • the complete text of all licenses used in the codebase

  • Classic SBOM, available in CSV format, contains:

    • the full list of components, with their licenses, copyrights statements and registry URL

  • CycloneDX SBOM, available in JSON and XML format (see the CycloneDX specification)

From the web UI of a project report, click the drop down button next to the "Download Report PDF" button

Alternatively, generate the SBOM of your liking from the command line via one of the various clients/scanners. Read up the "Producing reports" page for more information on how that is done.

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