Jupyter Notebooks

Meterian can process Jupyter Notebooks that contain Python code. The only requirement, assuming your license has the feature enabled, is to add the parameter --process-notebooks to the client invocation when running it. We also recommend the use of the dockerized client as it contains all the necessary tools. If not, you may need to install extra packages in the Python environment. If you are running on a CI/CD platform, please use see the specific instructions.

Please note that when scanning notebooks with docker it's mandatory using the latest python image. The script will automatically enforce that, by selecting the latest-pythonimage when detecting the --process-notebooks parameter. You can of course always specify it from the command line using the parameter --image:latest-python. An example of run against the nyc_taxi notebook:

$ meterian-docker --process-notebooks --project-url=nyc_taxi --image:latest-python

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Meterian Client v1.2.13, build 2960a89-519
All rights reserved

System information:
- running locally:   yes
- interactive mode:  off
- working on folder: /workspace
- autofix mode:      off

Checking folder...
Folder /workspace contains a viable project!

Authorizing the client...
Client successfully authorized

Account: "Meterian Team Account"
- Minimum scores:  
  - security:  90
  - stability: 90
  - licensing: 90
- Analysis scopes:  
  - security:  packaged components
  - stability: all components
  - licensing: all components

Loading build status...
No build running found!

Requesting build...
Build allowed

Project information:
- url:    nyc_taxi
- branch: head
- commit: n/a

Python scan - running pipenv 2020.11.15 locally...
- python: Now processing 1 notebooks with jupyter 6.2.0 and pipreqs:0.4.10...
- python: Processing notebook nyc_taxi - collecting dependencies...
- python: Processing notebook nyc_taxi - locking dependencies...
- python: loading dependencies from lockfile...
- python: python dependencies generated.
Execution successful!

Uploading dependencies information - 41 found...

Starting build...
Current build status: in preparation
Current build status: process advices at 2021-04-12T15:15:45.099
Current build status: process advices at 2021-04-12T15:15:48.075
Current build status: process advices at 2021-04-12T15:15:49.182

Final results: 
- security: 	100	(minimum: 90)
- stability:	98	(minimum: 90)
- licensing:	99	(minimum: 90)

Full report available at: 

Build successful!

Please note that the processing of Jupyter Notebooks can be slower than normal analysis, as it involves further steps in comparison to a standard analysis.

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