The Thin Client

The Meterian thin client is used to securely execute a scan of your project without the need of providing access to your local source control system. If you want to do an occasional scan on your private project or you want to add the scan to your CI/CD pipeline the client is the most obvious choice.

With the client all the information related to your project will be securely stored and linked to your account: no data will be publicly available at any point in time. To access historical information, status and reports you will always have to log in first. You will be requested to login to access any private report.

To use the client first of all download the latest version and move it in a folder of your choice (e.g.: /tmp); now, using your system command line, simply navigate to your project' folder, make sure the build tool for your project' language is installed and your project correctly compiles, and then simply execute the command

$ java -jar /tmp/meterian-cli.jar

Please note that the thin client does not include any standard SDK that is usually needed to produce the dependencies graph of your application. For example, if you want to analyse a Java project based on Maven, then Maven will have to be installed on your machine. The same happens if you want to analyse a .NET project: the .NET SDK will have to be installed and correctly configured on the machine you are running the client from. We expected developers to have their tools in their machines :) but in case they do not, please prefer using the dockerized version of the client, which includes also all the necessary tools.

If you are Windows user please refer to the specific section "Using the thin client on Windows".

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