Maven specific controls

This is a list of system flags that can be used to request specific Maven behaviours. Please refer to the parent section to learn how to specify them to the client.


The profile that Maven will use while executing the scan. Please note that this will also cause an automatic change in the branch name, which will be now called branch-profile_name


Allows specifying the exact location of the Maven binary. It's not advisable however to use this property: please use the standard MAVEN_HOME variable to specify where Maven is located.


This will force the detection of all direct dependencies. Normally maven is asked for a dependency tree, and dependencies are collected only from such tree. If this flag is specified, all pom files will be examined to search any dependency not listed, such as, for example, internal dependencies used in plugins such as jetty:runwhich are not reported in the tree, as they are not in any application scope (those will be as a matter of fact listed with scope "other").


This will allow to directly specify raw parameters that will be included in every maven command issued by the client.

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