Defining projects

A set of parameters useful to override information about projetcs and to provide further control of specific details associated to projects and analysis.

--project-url Allow to specify a project URL to associate to this analysis. Please note that this does not have to strictly be an URL, it's possible to use any name that's unique in your account. Default: It is automatically picked up using: - the Git project URL, if available - the project name from the manifest file - the name of the root folder (please note, in this last case, that if you are using the Dockerized Client this will be always the default name "workspace", so you may end up stacking the different reports on the same project entry, which is not advisable) Examples: --project-url= --project-url=almira/frontend

--project-branch Allow to specify a project branch to associate to this analysis. Analysis on different branches are kept segregated. Default: the Git project branch, the tag, or the literal "head" if not available Example: --project-branch=development

--project-commit Allow to specify a commit id to associate to this analysis. This is used just for reference. Default: the Git commit id if available Example: --project-commit=5a8230597a8c4b999b278a63844c5238dacf51b6

--project-key A project key uniquely identifies a project on the system. A project key can be collected from the dashboard and specified via this parameter. In that situation, the analysis will be placed under the existing project. Example: --project-key=15545f6c

--project-tags Allows to associate a set of tags to this project (comma separated). If not existent, the tag will be created on Meterian and associated to the project. Please note these tags do not usually represent a tag on your version control (i.e. git/svn), see the specific section for any further detail. Example: --project-tags=nocopyleft

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