Specific controls

Allow in-depth configuration and control of the scanner engines.
A set of control flags specific for each platform are available to further configure the client behaviour. These can be set in different ways:
  • using the Java thin client, specifying them via Java system properties, right after the "java" command, such as java -Dparam1=value1, -Dparam2=value2 ...
  • using the dockerized client using the CLIENT_VM_PARAMS environment properties: export CLIENT_VM_PARAMS='-Dparam1=value1 -Dparam2=value2'
  • in general with any client using the "--flags" operator, ... --flags:param1=value1,param2=value2. A double comma can be used to escape a single comma contained in a value or parameter.
So, for example, if you want to avoid to execute a "dotnet restore" when analysing a .NET project, you can do it either this way:
$ java -Ddotnet.restore=false -jar /tmp/meterian-cli.jar
Or this way, when for example using the dockerized client:
$ meterian-docker --flags:dotnet.restore=false
To check which control flags are available please refer to the following sections.