AWS CodeBuild

The integration of Meterian with AWS CodeBuild is very simple and it requires just a couple of steps.

Create a new project or edit an existing one.

In the "Environment section":

  • Click on "Override image" and make sure the "Privileged" flag is checked

  • Specify here the METERIAN_API_TOKEN by clicking on "Additional configuration" at the bottom of the page.

To retrieve a Meterian API Token visit the Meterian Dashboard; in your account select the tab "Tokens" and create a new one, or use an existing one.

API tokens are available only on paid account. To upgrade your subscription, please contact us.

In the buildspec (or yaml script) under the ‘build>commands’ section add this snippet:

# build:
# commands:
- docker pull -q meterian/cli
- docker run meterian/cli [Meterian CLI Options]

Learn more about the Meterian Client here.