Using the Docker image

Using AzureDevops with the Meterian Docker Image

If you decide to use the Docker Image with your Azure pipeline, you will need to update the configuration file azure-pipelines.yml with this small snippet, which will invoke the client:

- script: |
    docker run --rm \
    --volume ${PWD}:/workspace --env METERIAN_API_TOKEN=$(METERIAN_API_TOKEN) \
    meterian/cli [Meterian CLI Options]
  displayName: 'Run Meterian'

The only requirement is for the base image to have docker installed (most images do, see the Azure documentation for details). A working example of the non-native integration via Docker can be found here.

Meterian will be launched against the project source code every time a new change is committed and pushed in your repository. Rember to set the METERIAN_API_TOKEN environment variable, see the Azure Devops section for instructions.

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