Azure DevOps Pipelines

The Meterian Scanner Azure DevOps, available in the Azure DevOps Extensions Marketplace, adds an extra level of protection to your pipelines.

The native integration of Meterian in Azure DevOps can be completed in a few simple steps:

  • Install the Meterian Security Plus extension from the Marketplace

  • Set the Meterian API Token, either:

    • in a variables group

    • as part of a pipeline

The only pre-requisite is a Meterian API Token which can be obtained from your paid subscription account's Meterian Dashboard. If you are using a free account and would like to upgrade, contact [email protected].

Setting the Meterian API Token in variables group

Create a new Library and add METERIAN_API_TOKEN as secret variable

Specify the variable group in the pipeline

Setting the Meterian API Token as a pipeline variable

  • From the Pipeline editor, click on Variable in the top right corner

  • Create a new Pipeline

  • In the Review section (or whenever editing the Pipeline) Click on "Show Assistant" and select "Meterian Scanner" from the list

  • Save the Pipeline

You can also find here a non-native integration for Azure DevOps Pipelines