Platform-specific images

In addition to the full Dockerized client image containing all dependencies needed by all the supported programming languages, we also provide platform-specific images for targeted scans. The latter are lighter as they are optimised for an individual platform.

All the code snippets provided prior to this section just require a slight edit to support the given variant of the image you are using

    docker run -it --rm \
              --volume ${PWD}:/workspace \
              --env METERIAN_API_TOKEN=your-token-here \
              meterian/cli:1.1.5-go [Meterian CLI Options]

Note how only the target image has changed from meterian/cli to meterian/cli:1.1.5-go which is a very specific version.

The same target image edit can also be applied to the handy meterian-docker script mentioned in the Basic usage section. Simply edit the VERSION variable within the script to point to the desired version




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