Use the thin client on Windows

Install the Java Runtime

The Java Thin Client requires a working copy of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) that can be freely downloaded from and installed with a wizard. It can also be simply unpacked and referenced in the PATH variable from a standard archive which can be downloaded from (see detailed instruction there).

To check that everything is working correctly after installing the JRE we can run "java --version" from either PowerShell or the standard Windows Command Prompt

PS C:\Users\John> java -version 
java version "1.8.0_271"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_271-b09) 
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 25.271-b09, mixed mode, sharing)
C:\Users\John>java -version
java version "1.8.0_271"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_271-b09)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 25.271-b09, mixed mode, sharing)

At some point, as usual, Windows may ask you for permissions to execute the Java runtime: please allow the execution.

Download the Java Thin Client

To use the client first of all download the latest version, it will be put under your standard Windows "Downloads" folder. Now let's verify that everything is working as expected, launching the client for the first time and asking it to print its version. As you can see we are using the command "java -jar" followed with the full path to the newly downloaded meterian client file ("C:\Users\John\Downloads\meterian-cli.jar") and the command "--version"

PS C:\Users\John> java -jar C:\Users\John\Downloads\meterian-cli.jar --version
C:\Users\John>java -jar C:\Users\John\Downloads\meterian-cli.jar --version

The client promptly answers with its version number (please note that this may be different from the one shown here).

Executing the first analysis

Now we also need some code to verify that an analysis can be executed: make sure you have such project and also the tools required to compile, as the thin client does not contain any development tools.

Now you just move into such folder and run the client with "java -jar" followed with the full path to the newly downloaded meterian client file. If this is not a project managed bit a source control system (for example if you downloaded the sample project) you will also need to specify a "--project-url=" followed with a unique name or URL to identify your project later on your Dashboard.

C:\Users\John> cd \Users\John\Projects\Example

C:\Users\John\Projects\Example> java -jar C:\Users\Bruno\Downloads\meterian-cli.jar --project-url=sample

If this is the first time you have ever used the client the system will open a new browser window asking you to authenticate to the Meterian platform:

Alternatively, you can alsoset up the METERIAN_API_TOKEN environment variable with one of tokens available in the account, or create a new one.

PS C:\Users\John> set METERIAN_API_TOKEN=your-token-uuid-here

The client will proceed in the analysis, providing progress information, and at the end, it will also provide an URL of the project it was just scanned: You can open that URL with any browser and see the results of the analysis, the client will display only the resulting scores

PS C:\Users\John\Projects\Example> java -jar C:\Users\Bruno\Downloads\meterian-cli.jar --project-url=sample

Meterian Client v1.2.11.4, build 210e362-473
All rights reserved
- running locally:   yes
- interactive mode:  on
- working on folder: C:\Users\John\Projects\Example
- autofix mode:      off

Checking folder...
Folder C:\Users\John\Projects\Example contains a viable project!

Authorizing the client...
Client successfully authorized

Account: "Meterian Team Account"
- Minimum scores:
  - security:  90
  - stability: 90
  - licensing: 90
- Analysis scopes:
  - security:  packaged components
  - stability: all components
  - licensing: all components

Loading build status...
No build running found!

Requesting build...
Build allowed

Project information:
- url:    sample
- branch: head
- commit: n/a

NodeJS scan - running npm version 6.14.6 locally...
- npm: npm dependencies succesfully generated from package.lock...
Execution successful!

Uploading dependencies information - 2 found...

Starting build...
Current build status: in preparation
Current build status: process advices at 2020-12-14T22:09:01.418

Final results:
- security:     100     (minimum: 90)
- stability:    100     (minimum: 90)
- licensing:    100     (minimum: 90)

Full report available at:

Build successful!

Congratulations! Your installation on Windows is complete.

What if maven is not executing?

It may happen if your maven installation is non-standard. In that situation you need to inform the client about where the maven binary is and how it's called, this can be done using one of the Maven specific controls, maven.binary, like in this example:

PS C:\Users\John> java -Dmaven.binary="%MAVEN_HOME%\bin\mvn.cmd" -jar C:\Users\Bruno\Downloads\meterian-cli.jar 

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