Producing reports
Parameters used to produce reports
The client can directly generate a few reports: these parameters are used to select which reports should be generated and, in some cases, what they should contain.
--report-json Produces an JSON report file of the analysis (machine-readable) Example: --report-json=~/report.json
--report-pdf Produces an PDF report file of the analysis (human-readable) Example: --report-pdf=~/report.pdf
--report-console Emits a an analysis report on the console, a list of options separated by comma should be specified: - color: enable colored output - nocolor: disable colors and enhanced formatting (used on CI with bare-bone consoles) - security: shows the security section - stability; shows the stability section - licensing: shows the licensing section Default: color if supported, includes all the sections Example: --report-console=nocolo,security,licensing
--report-threadfix Produces a report file compatible with the Threadfix format. See the specific section for further details.
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