Requirements and install

We offer a dedicated and segregated instance of Meterian, which is installed and run on customer premises/private cloud and hosts exclusively the data of the customer.

The dedicated instance is distributed using a Ansible installation script, hence the software is required. Specifics are listed below:

  • python v3.8 or greater

  • ansible-core: v2.12.7 or greater

  • ansible: v5.3.0 or greater

Hardware recommendation

A standard Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine with a minimum configuration of 4 cores, 16GB of memory and 120GB of free disk space.

Connection to the Meterian cloud database

The dedicated instance will need to be connected to the internet so that regular updates to the components databases can be performed via connection to the Meterian cloud databases. On top of this, the internet connectivity is required to enable access to public registries, public repositories and other public resources. All connections to the internet can be routed through a proxy.


In general two packages will be provided:

  • a first package containing the installation script

  • a second package containing the artifacts to install

The full instructions for installation are provided inside the first package in a README file. These also include specific instructions for the provisioning of the Sysadmin account (the system administrator).

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