Dart / Flutter

The Dart/Flutter analyser is triggered when a "pubspec.yaml” is found at the root of the project. If an updated lockfile "pubspec.lock" is not present, the cient will invoke Dart SDK to generate it. The analyser will invoke directly the SDK in order to produce a full dependency graph, so a local install of the tool is not required.

When the Dart SDK is not available, an alternative analyzer will be used. This requires the presence of an updated lockfile. It will parse directly the manifest files, but in this situation the analysis will be less precise. While all dependencies will be collected, a complete graph won't be provided as the information is not available in the manifest files. Furthermore, the analyzer won't be able to classify all packages in test scope.

Please note that the standard dockerized client does not contain a Dart SDK, so in this situation the alternative analyzer will be used. A specific image containing the SDK, "latest-dart", is however available.

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