Thin client

Dedicated instances of Meterian come with their dedicated client. The client is pre-configured to work against the dedicated instance and can be downloaded from the admin dashboard or using the standard public endpoint from the download area (/downloads/meterian-cli.jar), as in the following example.

$ wget

$ java -jar meterian-cli.jar
Meterian Client v1.2.25.5, build 80ce87e-944
© 2017-2022 Meterian Ltd - All rights reserved

System information:
- working on folder: /tmp/maven-extra-params-example
- running locally:   yes
- interactive mode:  on
- autofix mode:      off


Final results: 
- security:	100	(minimum: 90)
- stability:	100	(minimum: 80)
- licensing:	0	(minimum: 95)

Full report available at:

Build unsuccessful!
Failed checks: [licensing]

Should you want to check whether your client is correctly connecting to the dedicated instance prior to launching a scan, execute the client with "--help", which will display the instance and the account it is connecting to.

$ java -jar meterian-cli.jar --help

Meterian Client v1.2.25.6, build bb8c552-1050 
© 2017-2023 Meterian Ltd - All rights reserved 

--tpn			Displays the third party notice and exits(0)
--help			Displays this help and exits(0)

Meterian servers at are reachable from this system
Meterian servers are authorizing this client for account "QA Account"

The usage of the dedicated instance client doesn't differ from the public client. For further information on that please refer to the specific documentation section: Meterian Thin Client.

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