Notifications for Slack

Meterian notifications for Slack ensures you're always informed and empowered to take immediate action against potential security risks in your open-source components. Learn more about the Meterian's Sentinel notification service. How it works in Slack Meterian Sentinel continuously checks the security of your projects, sending a notification to the configured Slack channel every time a new vulnerability is discovered and it affects your projects.

The notification contains an overview of the vulnerable component, including the latest discovered vulnerabilities, and all the list of the projects affected by it, giving the user relevant informations to take actions to secure their software as fast as possible.

Get started Notifications for Slack can be enabled from the Meterian Dashboard. An admin will choose the Corporate Slack channel in which notifications are sent by Sentinel.

Login using your credentials or social account from the Meterian Dashboard Then activate the notification following the steps below

If the Teams management feature is active on your account, notifications can be activated by selecting the option from the team actions panel

To finalize the activation select the Slack channel where to receive the Meterian Sentinel notifications

Your privacy is important to us. By activating Meterian notifications for Slack , you agree to our Privacy Policy. We are committed to protecting your data and ensuring that it is used only for the purpose of delivering these security notifications.

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