Bitbucket Pipe

The Meterian Scanner BitBucket pipe enables you to automate a vulnerability scan of your codebase directly from the BitBucket repository.

Getting hold of our pipe is fairly trivial. As it is officially supported, integration can simply require you to browse for it in the list of official pipes as you write the workflow of your pipeline in the BitBucket online editor (as shown in the image example below).

Once integrated within your project pipeline, any change you push will trigger a vulnerability analysis of your entire project. If vulnerabilities are detected, causing the analysis scores to go below the set threshold, your pipe workflow will be interrupted preventing you to potentially ship vulnerable code!

A list of working examples for all the supported languages can be found here.

Find out more about Meterian Scan and integrate it into your CI/CD pipeline today! Please note that in order to use this integration you will need to be on any of our paid plans.

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