A brief explanation of the dedicated instances options available

It is possible to manage a separate and dedicated installation for a customer. This can be required to completely segregate the data in a single-tenant instance. This may also be requested when the customer is geographically located in a country which is too far from the Meterian Cloud servers, which are run in London, UK.

  • Meterian-MC A dedicated instance on the Meterian cloud, entirely managed by Meterian

  • Meterian-CC A dedicated instance on the customer cloud, jointly managed by Meterian and the customer

  • Meterian-OP A dedicated instance on customer premises / private cloud, fully managed by the customer

By having a completely separate instance, the customer will also be able to create his own accounts, which will be completely segregated from each other. This can be useful for example to completely segregate two divisions or business units. The maximum number of accounts that can be created is controlled by the site licence, which is acquired as part of the subscription.

A dedicated instance on customer premises / private cloud with no internet connectivity required (OPO) is also available upon request.

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