Generic (third party)

A generic scanner for know third party libraries in supported languages.

This scanner can be used when a language is supported by the platform but there's no immediate support for the specific manifest file or tool. In this situation, a text file can be created where dependencies are listed, and then any Meterian CLI can be subsequently used to generate a standard report, as if it was a supported codebase. The scanner is normally disabled and you will need to the parameter --scan-third-partyto activate it.

The scanner will look into any folder or subfolders containing a file that starts with third-party-dependency, and will pick them up, processing them as if they were normal manifest files.

This is a sample file, third-party-dependency-cpp.txt:

# the name of the project (optional)
C++ Example

# the version of the project (optional)

# a list of licenses of the project (optional)

# the language used in this project (optional, default cpp, possible values are: clojure, cpp, dotnet, erlang, golang, java, javascript, linux, nodejs, perl, php, python, r, ruby, rust, scala, swift) - please use nodejs for npm/yarn projects

# all dependencies used in this project in the format name/version, one by each line

This analyser cannot work remotely.

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