Integrating in a Bitrise is very easy and very quick, as it requires just three steps. After creating the workspace app, head into its workflows.

First things first, set the METERIAN_API_TOKEN secret into the “secrets” view.

Then, from the workflow view on the left side, click on the “+” button wherever you want the Meterian scan to happen and select “Script” from the workflow recipes view. In this example it will be just after the Cocoapods install.

We recommend setting the Meterian task after the package manager is installed, as it is required by the Meterian scanner.

Now, for the final step, copy the following snippet on the “Script content” box.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Download Meterian Thin
mkdir -p ~/.meterian
wget -P ~/.meterian > dev/null

#Launch Meterian
java -jar ~/.meterian/meterian-cli.jar --report-console

This script will download the Meterian Thin Client and immediately start the analysis.

Now you can save the workflow and launch a new build.

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