Github auto-grouping

In accounts where the "auto-grouping" feature is enabled, admin can select an organization from the ones they own on Github. From that point on, when a user logs in with GitHub, it will be checked if it belongs to such an organisation and, in that case, it will be automatically added to the account.

Please note that you will need to have the feature enabled in your account to use this mechanism so get in touch with support if the need arises.

How to activate it

Navigate to the Details tab in the Meterian dashboard and click "Change..." on the Github organization section. The organization displayed in the "Github Organization" field shows the Github organization currently linked to the Meterian account. If the field is empty, that means that no organization is currently linked.

And now it will be possible to select the organization from the menu.

  • Users need to login using the Github option

  • Users won't see the "Github organization" field if they are not an admin of any Github organization or if the access permission to their organization has not been granted

For new accounts

One important thing to keep in mind is that on the very first login with Github, users are asked for permissions in order to interact with their Github account and Organizations (based on ownership status or GitHub-specific permission you may be prompted to request permission on certain organisations).

Organization access permissions should be granted to enure this functionality works as expected

For existing accounts

If you already created an account on Meterian, it's possible to grant permission to access a Github organization directly from the Github web application.

From select "Meterian login" and grant access to the organization which should be linked to the Meterian account.

The user must be both the administration of the Meterian account and of the Github organization in order to link the organization to the Meterian account.

When the access to the organization has been granted by the organization admin, the user must perform a new login into the Meterian dashboard

Meterian will start grouping user of the same Github organization once the permission are granted and the Github organization is set in the "Details" view.

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