General configuration
--folder Specifies the root folder of the project.Please note that this option is not supported by the dockerized client yet. Default: the current folder Example: --folder=/projects/sample
--auth-file Specifies where to find the authorisation file, which can be downloaded from the "Tokens" view of the Meterian Dashboard Example: --auth-file=~/ci.json
--interactive When no authorisation file is present (or is invalid) and an authentication token is not present in the environment variables (see the section authorisation in non-interactive mode for more information) this option allows using the system standard internet browser in order to perform the authentication Default: true Example: --interactive=false
--fail-gracefully In case of any system failure the client will report a non-zero exit code, thus failing or blocking the build if configured in a pipeline: this flag forces a 0 exit in case of a system failure Default: false Example: --fail-gracefullyor --fail-gracefully=true
--exclude-folders Certain scanners are able to work recursively: in that situation is possible to exclude folders from the analysis using standard global regexes separated by commas Example: --exclude-folders=**/*.samples,**/*.labs
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