Controlling the exit code

Specific arguments are at your disposal to control the exit code of the client based on the score, --min-security and --min-stability (plus --min-licensing if the feature is enabled on your account). These are the minimal scores: if not met, the build will have a positive exit code , which will be reported as a failure to the shell and will, most probably, stop your pipeline to progress. In case of error the code will be calculated using a bitmask over the exit code: +1 for a fail on the security score, +2 for a fail on the stability score, +4 for a fail on the licensing score.

The default values for these scores are 90 for security and 80 for stability

When any other error occurs, a negative exit code is produced, as described here: -1 "No authorisation found" -2 "Failed to get authorisation via browser" -3 "Project unsupported" -6 "Analysis failed" -5 "A running build is present" -7 "Project URL was not specified" -8 "Error loading the configuration" -9 "Error communicating with cloud servers" -10 "Build tool not found" -12 "Plan limits exceeded" -13 "No analysis was run" -14 "Treoubleshooting failed" -15 "System unsupported"

These exit codes above can be silenced to 0 by specifying the parameter --fail-gracefully when launching the client.

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