Unity Packages

Meterian can process Unity packages, either builtins or unity standard packages, and open packages from OpenUpm, as long as they are declared using a manifest.json file and a packages-lock.json file, as per standards. If the agent does not find a lock file, it will use only the manifest file but the results will be partial, as transitive dependencies won't be correctly resolved.

The only requirement, assuming your license has the feature enabled, is to add to the client invocation the parameter --scan-unity when running it. Please note that the nodejs scanner is automatically disabled on unit project, unless it's explicitly required, using --scan-nodejs .

An example of run against the TaskRunner project from Greener-Games:

$ meterian --scan-unity 

Meterian Client v1.2.17.4, build 0000
© 2017-2021 Meterian Ltd - All rights reserved

System information:
- running locally:   yes
- interactive mode:  on
- working on folder: /home/bbossola/projects/rocksolid/samples/tmp.unity/TaskRunner
- autofix mode:      off

Checking folder...
Folder /home/bbossola/projects/rocksolid/samples/tmp.unity/TaskRunner contains a viable project!

Requesting build...
Build allowed

Account: "Meterian Team Account"
- Minimum scores:  
  - security:  95
  - stability: 95
  - licensing: 95
- Analysis scopes:  
  - security:  packaged components
  - stability: all components
  - licensing: all components

Project information:
- url:    https://github.com/Greener-Games/TaskRunner
- branch: master
- commit: e846cf789653bdef95df848bf9f53e12cc0b0d13

Unity scan - running MeterianUnityParser 1.0 locally...
- unity: parsing lockfile...
- unity: dependencies generated...
- unity: collected local license declarations...
Execution successful!

Uploading dependencies information - 50 found...

Starting build...
Current build status: initialized
Current build status: in preparation
Current build status: process advices at 2021-08-24T14:05:14.269
Current build status: assessment created at 2021-08-24T14:05:26.765

Final results: 
- security:	  100	(minimum: 95)
- stability:	  100	(minimum: 95)
- licensing:	  100	(minimum: 95)

Full report available at: 

Build successful!

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