How does the client work?

The client will first authenticate and validate your account: you can review the details of the operation in the related section.

You will need to run the client in the folder where your project is located. The client will scan the folder searching for the files where your dependencies are listed or it will invoke the relevant tool to generate them.

Once the list of dependencies is available it will be then uploaded securely to the Meterian servers, where the analysis will be conducted. Please note that if you decided to run the analysis remotely, which is available for some platforms, then all the build files will be uploaded instead (see the related chapter for more information).

The client will be reporting the progress of the operation in its various stages, and at the end, it will print out the scores, with a link to securely access the full report.

Multiple analysers can be automatically triggered: you can get manual control over this. see the section Forcing or avoiding specific scans. Some analyzers can also work recursively: in order to control that behaviour, see the section about Excluding specific folders.

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