Using the Thin Client

Using the Thin Client in a Github workflow

It's possible to use directly the Thin Client in a GitHub workflow. You may however need to setup the environment in advance for specific languages, and you always need to have support for Java inside the workflow itself. For example if you want to scan a dotnet project you will probably need to use the actions/setup-dotnet to prepare it, while if you want to scan a Swift/Cocoapods project, you will need at least to to use macos as a base image.

This also is useful when you want to use a very specific version of the tooling for the scan, as the GitHub action contains only one version for each toolset.

A typical workflow would be something along those lines:

  • select the correct image ro run on

  • check out the project

  • if required, set up the tooling needed (you may need a specific version)

  • if required, set up JDK to run the Thin Client

  • download the Thin Client

  • run the Thin Client

We created a set of lives examples for the most common cases:

If you need other examples please get in touch with

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