On Premises (OP)

A brief introduction to the on-premises option (OP)

A dedicated and segregated instance, installed and run on customer premises / private cloud, will host exclusively the data of the customer.

The machine will need to be connected to the internet, also via a standard proxy. The platform will use the internet connection to connect to public registries (like hex.pm, npmjs.com, etc.), public repositories, and other public resources. The full list can be provided, and access to selected resources can be blocked via proxy.

In terms of maintenance:

  • updates to the component databases can be done automatically, via daily connection to the main Meterian cloud databases (preferred) or by the customer

  • updates to the software will be performed by the customer

  • general maintenance of the VM will have to be performed by the customer

  • configuration of the Meterian SaaS will have to be performed by the customer

The system is distributed using an Ansible installation script.

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