Sample Scala Project

Using the Meterian docker image for the entire build
A sample project based on Scala is available on GitLab. This example uses the Meterian Dockerized Client and specifically uses the Meterian docker image as the image for the whole build.
The YAML configuration for this pipeline is very simple: as the base image running is the Meterian one, the only thing to do is to make sure to use the latest Java Thin Client and then running it.
name: meterian/cli:latest
entrypoint: [""]
stage: test
- curl -o /tmp/meterian-cli.jar -O -J -L -s
- java -jar /tmp/meterian-cli.jar --project-branch=$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH --project-commit=$CI_COMMIT_SHA
Note that we collect the project branch and the project commits from the GitLab pipeline variables (see the official GitLab reference).