Meterian Docker image configuration

This configuration uses the Meterian Dockerized Client image as the image for the entire build. The steps in the script tag will run within the container and this will ensure that all the necessary tooling to support your scan is pre-installed.

In this configuration to ensure that the latest Java Thin Client is used for the scan it is first download.

    name: meterian/cli:latest
    entrypoint: [""]
  stage: test
   - curl -o /tmp/meterian-cli.jar -O -J -L -s
   - java -jar /tmp/meterian-cli.jar --project-branch=$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH --project-commit=$CI_COMMIT_SHA

Note that we collect the project branch and the project commits from the GitLab pipeline variables (see the official GitLab reference).

A live example can be found in this sample project based on Scala available on GitLab.

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