How to integrate Meterian with Codeship Basic

This step by step guide will help you integrate Meterian in your Codeship Basic CI.

Add Meterian to the pipeline

  • Open the “Test” tab in your project’s settings

  • In the “Setup Commands” field paste this command

wget -q
  • Click on “Add Pipeline” or add this snippet to your existing pipeline:

java -jar meterian-cli [Meterian CLI Options]

Learn more about the Meterian Client here.

Set the METERIAN_API_TOKEN environment variable

  • Open the “Environment” tab in your project’s settings

  • Create the new variable with “Key” “METERIAN_API_TOKEN”

To retrieve a Meterian API Token visit the Meterian Dashboard; in your account select the tab "Tokens" and create a new one, or use an existing one.

API tokens are available only on paid account. To upgrade your subscription, please contact us.

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