Running the analysis remotely

The default operation mode of the client is running the dependency discovery locally, using the exact same environment used in your build. This is the default, and it's a very good idea as it forces the client to use the same environment, configuration and setup that the build tool (Maven, Gradle, etc.) is using for his own build. However it's possible to have this step executed remotely, on the Meterian servers, passing the --local=false argument to the client. In this situation the client will upload all your build files (build.xml, build.gradle, etc.) to the Meterian servers, as a necessary mean to compute your project's library dependencies. Please rest assured that such files will be stay on the server only for the time required for the computation and will be removed securely when no longer necessary.

Please also note that:

  • remote scanning is possible only for Java and NodeJS

  • remote scanning is usually less precise than local scanning

We generally suggest to use remote analysis unless specifically needed.

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