Sentinel - Meterian Notifications service

Be alerted of new vulnerabilities after your application went live.

Sentinel is a new service which makes it possible for Meterian users to receive notifications about newly found vulnerabilities which are affecting libraries used on the projects in their Meterian account.

If an application was scanned by Meterian and then went live, with no subsequent scans, Meterian still retains the structure of such application in terms of opensource components: if Sentinel is enabled, it can raise an alert when any new vulnerability is discovered, so that the appropriate remediation can be put in place.

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The Notification

The notification is related to the offending opensource component. The receiver will find detailed information about all the new vulnerabilities found since the last Meterian scan, and a list of all the projects related to the team of which the receiver is an admin.

Slack notification

Slack notifications are either active or inactive for the whole team/account. When enabled, they will be directed to the slack channel configured by the administrator.

Email notification

Email notifications can be received by account admins or team admins. When enabled, they will be directed to the email account of the selected administrator.